gospels - spirituals - jubilees

There is hardly a more expressive, a more moving, a livlier music than Gospels and Spirituals, the songs of praise which evolved in the African -American churches of the USA.

What is it about Gospel music?  Where did it come from, what is it's message? How has it survived and why is it as equally as important today as it was over 400 years ago when it was sung by slaves in the south of the USA who sought comfort, joy and assurance in its words and melodies?

The songs are still incorporated in church services and have as much meaning today as they did during their "evolution" in the cotton fields and on the plantations in the South. Spirituals, Gospels and Jubilees are songs of praise, a confirmation and a reinforcement of the faith.  The music may have changed over the years but the message remains the same: Have hope, be of good cheer, REJOICE!!!