Tribute To A Blue Lady

Why Billie Holiday? Billie (1915 – 1959) was a complete person, a multi-faced character who lived out and experrienced every stage posible in a human lifetime, all crammed into 44 years of roller coaster highs and lows, 44 years of living in constand contradiction. The lifes of her contemporaries were, in a sense "normal", if not to say boring, in comparison. She gave the people something to talk about. There was so much more to Billie Holiday - or as she is reverently remembered " Lady Day" - then just the voice, the drugs and the scandals. She would have been a perfect case for the psycoanalyst cliché. Her childhood was so disastrous, her make-up so complex, it was clear that she was in a constant state of attempting to overcome and conquer the hardships, setbacks and injustices which befell her. She was always in a defensive position but never put the blame on on anyone else.

Tribute To A Blue Lady as a theatre piece is a compilation of 8 monologues, each supported and complemented by songs of Billies repertoire. Also the subtitles refere to famouse songs revell the text of the piece.


I. Eleonora to Billie
Songs: Travelin’ All Alone
Them There Eyes
II. Harlem
Songs: Getting Some Fun Out of Life
What A Little Moonlight
III. The “Little Black Bag Syndrome”
Songs: I Wished on the Moon
IV. Sadie and Me
Songs: God Bless the Child
V. On Racism
Songs: T’aint Nobody’s Business If I Do
VI. Looking for Love
Songs: Fine and Mellow
All of Me
Lover Man, Oh Where Can You Be?
VII. On Dope
Songs: Good Morning, Heartache
VIII. Decline of a Blue Lady
Songs: Please Don’t Talk About Me
Strange Fruit